Patient Testimonials

"Being a patient of Dr. Denise Bogard is more like working with a trusted personal friend than just a doctor. Having recently left my HMO where I felt more like a number, Dr. Bogard's personal style and attention is a refreshing and satisfying change that has enhanced my health and overall life.

I have never had a doctor be so responsive to my phone calls, email inquiries and concerns regarding my health. As a cardiac patient with resulting chronic issues and medical needs, it is so important to have a physician who thoroughly understands what I am dealing with and goes above and beyond to offer complimentary suggestions and treatment to those prescribed by my cardiologist. I would highly recommend Dr. Bogard to any of my friends or business associates."

- Richard R. Nelson

"For the past several years I was experiencing severe fatigue, depression and no matter how hard I tried I could not lose weight.  I could not get up in the morning and could not carry out my daily routines.  I received NO help from my regular doctors. I know my body and knew something was wrong. I felt hopeless.  After just one visit to Dr. Bogard she determined that I had severe adrenal fatigue and she immediately put me on a homeopathic supplement regimen.  She also really listened to what I had to say and reviewed my history. After several months, I began to feel a vast improvement! My energy came back, I was able to start exercising and lose weight.

She also helped me treat my blood pressure with natural solutions rather than medications that were just treating the symptoms not the cause.

In addition, she advised on what I should take before surgery, since she is also an accredited anesthesiologist, to have a positive outcome and also told me what I should take to have a positive outcome through my breast cancer radiation.

Dr. Bogard has followed my progress very closely and has been with me every step of the way. She is always available when I have questions and responds in a timely manner.  I would highly recommend her services.  If more doctors were like her we would have happy patients everywhere and not to mention a healthier society!"

- Brenda K.

"Looking for a doctor to help you age gracefully?  Dr. Denise Bogard specializes in helping you feel your best with safe hormone replacement and anti-aging support.  Unlike so many doctors today, she takes time and listens to your needs!  The testing offered gives information about yourself that every doctor should be doing but is rare.  Bogard Health and Wellness will help you find your way to better health!"

"If you are ready, as I was, to explore the possibility of physical and wellbeing improvement, then Dr. Bogard is your partner in health. If you are ready to question whether unpleasant changes are a required part of aging and eager to find out how much healthier, stronger, more upbeat and more functional you can get, then contact Dr. Bogard's office for an appointment. I was so impressed by her qualifications, her background, her personal quest for health and her empathic way of communicating that I have recommended her to a number of friends."
- Dorothy S.

"I am writing in support of Doctor Denise Bogard as a heath care professional. I am a 59 year young woman. For the past 35 years I have been a certified fitness instructor, Ballroom dancer, personal trainer, nutritional and weight loss professional. My hobbies includes dancing, swimming, paddle boarding and skiing. I lead a very active life.

When I was referred to Dr. Bogard I was to feeling very run down, fog brain, (trouble with memory) hot flashes, trouble sleeping, constant urination, mood swings weight gain, boughs of uncontrollable anger, depression and no sex drive. It was very hard on my husband. I had also noticed an alarming decrease in my muscle mass. Before my appoint with Dr. Bogard, I had visited several Doctor's that all ran the same a series of blood test. Most prescribing anti depressants and sleeping pills. This was making my symptoms much worse.

I am so happy I found Dr. Bogard. She is wonderful! She spends the time to do do the research and diagnose your health issues, then proscribes natural remedies, not drugs with side effects. The Bio identical pellet hormones, time release and custom for my system have truly changed my life! I am a new woman! I truly feel like I am in my 30's again. I can not believe the difference in my mood and sex drive. I feel balanced and clear minded. have my muscle mass back, lost the belly fat and sleep through the night! After just a few weeks of Dr. Bogard getting my thyroid, hormones and nutrition balanced, I was up for any challenge.

I highly recommend Dr. Bogard as your health care provider. She is the best in the business! "

- Deborah E. Richmond
Certified fitness professional Instructor