An individual assessment will be performed. Factors such as hormonal balance, cardiovascular risk assessment and treatment, gut health assessment, evaluation of existing toxins, brain health assessment, inflammatory markers, and nutrient evaluation are all considered in improving general health. Medications taken will be approached, especially looking at drug-drug interactions and nutritional deficiencies created by the administration of drug therapy.

Start Up Services:

  • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement—including pellet insertion
  • Thyroid and Adrenal Hormone Evaluation
  • Cardiovascular Risk Assessment and Natural approach to Treatment
  • Metabolic Risk Assessment and Natural approach to Treatment
  • IV Therapy
  • Nutrient and Amino Acid Evaluation
  • IV Nutrition
  • Lipo-Light Non-Invasive Contouring
  • Neurological Health Evaluation and Improvement
  • Environmental Toxin Evaluation and Treatment
  • IV Chelation
  • Gut Health Assessment
  • Laser Body Contouring
  • Micro Needling

Hormone Balance

Cholesterol is the precursor to all sex hormones. As one ages estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone all decrease in a woman and testosterone decreases in a male. The effects are deleterious on bone health, brain health and cardiovascular health. Natural hormone supplementation has been found to be very safe.

Minimize Medications

Looking at underlying deficiencies can treat many disorders. Many medications have side effects, which worsen the clinical situation. Example: statin therapy deplete the body of CoQ. This is an important co-factor in cardiovascular health. Statin drugs also decrease cholesterol. Cholesterol is the precursor to all other hormones, pregnenolone, DHEA, cortisol, progesterone, testosterone, and estrogen. These hormones are vital to bone health, brain health and cardiovascular health.

Active Cardiovascular Health

Many physicians are taught to treat hypertension and heart disease with beta-blockers and diuretics. Both of these drugs worsen the body on a cellular level increasing endothethial dysfunction and worsening the inflammatory process, which also increase blood sugar and increase insulin resistance. Diet, exercise and the right supplements can improve cardiovascular health and treat the underlying disease, which is usually an inflammatory process.

Gut Health

The gastrointestinal system is one the largest immune system in the body. Drugs such as H2 blockers and proton pump inhibitors worsen bowel function creating a "dysbiosis". When this balance is off, toxins come into the body and create an inflammatory process, which predisposes to many diseases.

Environmental Toxin Relief

Exposure to toxins occurs on a daily basis through the foods we eat, the water we drink, the cleaners we use in our house, the cosmetics we use, the pesticides and herbicides that are put in our environment to control weeds and insects. Our environment is more toxic than it was thirty years ago. These toxins have different effects on our body and immune system.

Brain Health

Cognitive decline is linked to inflammation. Treating the underlying inflammation can improve, diminish and delay cognitive decline. Our nutrition, activity level, hormone balance are all related to brain health and much can be done to improve our brain health.

Metabolic Health

It is estimated that 75-80% of people over 55 have some form of metabolic syndrome-high blood sugar and insulin resistance. Catching this in the pre diabetic state can reverse the disease, improving cardiovascular health, brain health, kidney health and overall body functions.