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Denise R Bogard, MD, FAARFM ABAARM

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Peptide therapy is a treatment that can help with the kinds of issues that affect almost everyone, including the aging process, weight loss, digestive problems, lowered immunity, and sexual dysfunction. If you have problems like these, Denise Bogard, MD, FAARFM, ABAARM, of Well Aging Med in Roseville, California, can help. Dr. Bogard is an experienced internist and expertise in regenerative medicine, including peptide therapy. Call Well Aging Med today to find out more.

Peptide Therapy Q & A


What are peptides?

Peptides are made from amino acids and have many functions in the body. Some act like neurotransmitters, while others act like hormones. Many control and influence how our bodies react to diet and physical exercise. As we age, production of essential amino acids and peptides decreases. As a result, our bodies begin to show signs of aging, and cease to perform at an
optimal level. Because peptides have the ability to boost your body’s own natural hormone production, they are rapidly replacing traditional Human Growth Hormone therapy.

The Key Benefits

Increases development of lean muscle growth through the development of new muscle cells
Improvements in workout and recovery
Reduced body fat through lipolysis (fat breakdown)
Increased energy, strength, and stamina
Increase muscle mass, definition, and endurance
Accelerates healing from wounds or surgery
Strengthening of the immune system
Improved regulation of other hormones
Improved libido
Increased natural tanning
Increased natural Human Growth Hormone production


The "Beach Body" Peptide

Sermorelin: This peptide helps stimulate the release of growth hormone which can be beneficial for weight management, muscle development, and boost energy.

Who? People hoping to improve their body composition.

How? It is injected using a very small needle, into the skin over your abdomen or hip 5 days a week

When? About 90 minutes after your last meal for the day


The “Sprinkle of Youth” peptide

CJC 1295/ Ipamorelin: Similar to tesamorelin, this peptide also stimulates growth hormone release.

Who? Younger patients who are not yet candidates for Tesamorelin

How? By injection only, this is used 5 times a week, usually at night.

When? Most patients use this on and off throughout the year

Side Effects: mild tingling at site of injection


The “Eat Your Veggies” peptide

Thymosin Beta-4: A specific thymus hormone that is reserved for autoimmune, Lyme, and cancer patients.

Who? Patients who need an adjunct for autoimmune disease and cancer treatments, or during an acute infection (such as the flu)

How? As either a self administered injection or high dose IV to boost the immune system

When? Flu season or during times of autoimmune flare or extended cancer treatment


The “Wolverine” peptide

BPC-157: This peptide is similar in structure to a compound found in gastric secretions that has been shown to have protective qualities.

Who? In the oral form, it can be used to treat stomach ulcers, IBS, leaky gut, Crohn’s disease and other GI tract problems. In the injectable form, it’s also been shown to repair tendons and ligaments.

How? Oral capsules or an injectable form depending on what it is being used for.

When? It can be used as a post-surgical healing adjuvant alone with Thymosin Beta-4 or throughout the year for patient with stomach issues


The "Bloat Blocker" Peptide

Amlexanox: This peptide helps lower blood sugar levels, control cholesterol, block inflammation, burn fat, decrease appetite, boost metabolism, and block the body's natural tendency to hold on to fat during fasting or stressful times.

Who? People hoping to improve their body composition and control their blood sugar or cholesterol levels.

How? They are oral pills taken together.

When? Twice a day with food.


The "Fountain of Youth" Peptide

Sarcotropin-IPA: This peptide increases lean muscle, maintains bone density, reduces fat, and balances hormone levels.

Who? Anyone hoping to increase their growth hormone levels and stave off declining muscle mass that comes with aging.

How? This is an oral liquid taken daily.

When? At the same time every day.