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Blogging For YOUR Health And Wellness: A New Journey

It’s a blog. I know, right? How do I have time for this, you may ask? As they say, it’s not rocket science, so I promise to explain that later….

For now, many of you may not know what a pure pleasure it is for me to be your health advocate. I absolutely love what I do.  You see, after 30 years as an anesthesiologist, I was happy to leave a world where I was on call all hours of the day and night, had little interaction with my patients, precious few hours for my family, and performed very exacting work to make sure patients experienced no pain during surgical procedures. Because my life felt imbalanced, however, I sought answers to my own health problems and took classes to learn about the world of alternative wellness and the brilliance of natural supplementation – not something most medical doctors dip their toes in for some reason. 

Suddenly I realized I could do so much more for people. I began to understand that as you age, the connections between all the body’s systems and how they conspire, without adequate attention, to rob you of sleep, energy, a lean physique, and a robust libido are not a sentence that must be served. You can actually do something about it all if you are willing to take supplements, consider everything you eat to be a drug you’re taking, and get adequate exercise!  I wanted to be that health advocate – the detective who could study the results of your blood and saliva tests and tell you precisely what your body needs to get back on track. It’s not magic, but it sure seemed like the perfect direction for me. So I opened Bogard Health and Wellness a few years ago and I never looked back.

Topics I will break down and explain here range from diet and gastrointestinal health to stress recovery to blood sugar control to insomnia to hormone balance to getting your mojo back under the covers and more. In other words, no topic is too intimate for me to cover in this blog, because it’s all about YOU – and how you can take steps to age not only gracefully, but happily as well!

Writing this blog is becoming a reality with the help of veteran journalist Dena Kouremetis, who has written for publications like the Sacramento Bee, Forbes and currently writes a blog for Psychology Today. Together, we will try to answer your questions, enlighten your wellness journey and keep you informed. And any time you have questions you would like to see answered in this forum, we’ll be happy to address them. Just ask!

We’d also love it if you subscribed to this blog so we can keep you and your inbox both informed and enlightened. Be sure to share it with friends, post it to social media when you deem it vital to let others know some of what we cover here, and stay tuned for one of the most interesting health blogs you’ll find anywhere.

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